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The Mission of The Museum of Skateboarding is to preserve, promote & present the extraordinary and profound history, progression, and cultural impact of skateboarding as it relates to itself, other sub-cultures, pop-culture, and mainstream culture in general. The museum produces exhibitions, publications, products, media, workshops & programs that explore all of the distinct facets of skateboarding about the skaters themselves + skateboarding art, photography, film, music & fashion, as well as social issues, politics, and much much more. There is a DIY ethic, undesecrated creative rawness & FTW attitude that has permeated skateboarding culture from its conception. The museum aims to present and interpret these concepts to the broadest possible audience and is committed to encouraging public enlightenment, discussion, and engagement.

The Museum of Skateboarding comprises the most extensive, most exhaustive skateboard collection in the entire world as well as skateboarding archives, including ephemera, apparel, accessories, media, and much more.

Founder: Salman Agah

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